Images in the Backcountry

The Editing Process

As a photographer and artist sometimes I need to decide which photos make the cut and which don't.  Another decision I have to make a lot of the time is if a certain type of editing technique works.  An editing technique I love and people always seem to enjoy is Black and White photography.   I was trained using black and white film, so whenever I apply this to my photography I always get that feeling of being back in the darkroom.  I remember slipping on my headphones at school tuning everything out where it would just be the photograph and me.  Not much has changed since then, now I just put on "Pandora" and do the same thing but with Photoshop.  I thought it would be interesting to let you the viewers be the ones to decide which works best for this photo black and white or color, place your vote below.


Black and White

What version would you choose?

Comments are welcomed, dropped me a line I'd love to hear from you!

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