Images in the Backcountry

Saying Goodbye

As I look back at 2013 and go through the photographs I have taken I think back on how great of a year I had in photography.  I had the pleasure of photographing some really great people from senior portraits to head shots.  I also got to witness a few wedding and capture some amazing moments.  Along with this I went out and photographed the world as I see it, taking photo's of some really amazing landscapes and producing some great images.  As the year past I thought about what it is that truly inspires me to do what I do, I thought of the best way to sum it up was by this quote "I combine fine art and photography to make amazing images".  When I thought of that I realized that is exactly what I am trying to do not just take photographs but be the artist that I am.  Through the years I think I have fought that though in 2013 and I learn to expect it and I couldn't be happier with the direction its taking me.   So all in all it was a great year of photography and I got some great images to go along with it, below is a slideshow of those images.  Leave a comment below and tell me what of one of your favorite parts of 2013.

Please keep in mind that it doesn't work on smartphones though if you click this link can go directly to the gallery to view the images. 
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