Images in the Backcountry

Changing perspective

When taking photographs,sometimes a change of perspective can turn a decent photo into a great one. It can be as simple as kneeling down to shoot a tree to get a low prespective of it. Or it can be as creative as making an object slightly out of focus to make a photo more abstract. For me though, the biggest change of perspective in my photographic approach happened on November21, 2013 when my son was born. He is turning two this month and I can't help but be amazed how much of his life I have been able to document. My photography used to consist of hundreds of photos of landscape around the Bay Area. My focus now however is on my son. I love that I get to capture him just being a kid and get some great images doing so. I can only hope that when he grows up heappreciates the photos I have of him both now and in the future. I love him very much and he's been the best change of perspective in my life as well as in my photography career.
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