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Night Photography Tip

In this post I decided to switch things up and give my viewers a few tips about night photography.  I often see people taking pictures of tourist spots like the Golden Gate Bridge at night and doing things like using their on camera flash.  In this situation the flash is not effective because of the distance of the bridge. Here are five simple tips that will help you the next time you find yourself taking pictures at night:

  1. Use a tripod.
  2. Try using the night mode.
  3. Turn off that flash.
  4. Use manual mode if you have it.
  5.  Don't take your photos at the lowest picture resolution. Instead, raise the picture's resolution size to get better images.

Here are some examples of night photography I have done using some of these hints.  Leave a comment and let me know if you found these tips helpful!

In this photo I used all the above mentioned tips.
Night Photography
By using the manual mode on my camera and a longer shutter speed I was able to capture the movement of a car passing by.
Night Photography
When shooting the Golden Gate Bridge you can see why using a flash wouldn't matter the object is so far away no flash could reach that far.
Night Photography
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