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Another year down

It's hard to believe I have been doing this blog for three years now. The blog has bounced around from posting helpful tips to just random posts.  Though one thing it continues to do is provide my viewers a look at person behind the lens. My hope is that no matter what I post everyone is enjoying it regardless. I look forward to 2016 and what type of blogs I have in store for the viewers.   Here's to another year of blogging.

As I like to do after every year here are some of the top blog post for this year: 

My top 3 favorite blogs  
1) "Artist Who Inspire"  Click here to see it  
2) "Keeping Tradition Alive"  Click here to see it 
3) "Changing Perspective"  Click here to see it 

Most viewed blog 
"Tourist For a Day" Click here to see it 

Leave me a comment below and tell me what your favorite blog for 2015 has been.  Thank you for you continuing support!

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