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The One

Most photographers know how exciting it is when they are able to capture "The One"--that shot that comes out just how you wanted.  During my time at Armstrong woods in Occidental, California I had a blast attempting to get that particular photograph. As I mentioned to a good friend who came along for the ride, I even get this feeling in my gut when the photo I'm capturing is it. The interesting thing, however, is that sometimes when photographing, you feel like you have that perfect shot but when you come back and edit you are surprised that it is not the shot you were expecting.  But as most photographers know, even on a 2-hour shoot getting one or two images that you really like is a good feeling.  With that being said, please take a look these photos that I felt have what it takes to be called "The One".  As always your comments are welcomed!

Armstrong Woods Armstrong Woods Armstrong Woods

Sam's Senior Portraits

I am excited to share with you my very first post containing a photo shoot I did for a client. I had a wonderful session with Sam, who I got to know a little more as we worked together. He is a very talented young man who loves soccer and is the captain of his soccer team. During the shoot Sam and I walked around Crane Creek Regional Park and I was able to get some great shots. As the day came to a close the light was getting really amazing. People who know me best know that I love "Golden Hour" of photography. So we hiked our way back and I captured some shots of him sitting on top of a bridge. All in all it was a fantastic day  and we both had a really good time. As always, I would love to hear from you so feel free to comment below.

The power of color

To me color photography can be one of the most beautiful aspects of photography. When taking pictures of a sunset this is especially true. The way the colors can get during a sunset can be very surreal. As a photographer it is my job to take what I see and make it come to life on screen and on paper.  I knew that the scene below would make for a powerful photograph, but it was up to nature to give me what I needed.  I loved the pink hue mixed with the blues, yellows, and even some violets.  The colors really made for a beautiful image and after taking the photos into my "digital darkroom" I was really able to make this photograph come alive! Take a look at the photos below and as always feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in purchasing this photo click here
If you are interested in purchasing this photo click here
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