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Guest blog from John-Logan Coots

Whether your just wanting to get healthy or your trying to lose weight for your upcoming wedding the guest blog for this week is for you. John-Logan Coots owner of Powerfit Personal Training talks about how to work towards your fitness goals. Check out powerfits website ( to learn more about what they do. Enjoy this months blog!

Break Through


We all want to be fit, healthy, and look good. It makes us feel good and most of us think we have a general idea of how to get there. (Don’t eat junk food and get some regularexercise). But for some it can be an on going challenge, tlearn how to put health and fitness goals in to perspectiveas a priority. Before you know itit can look like a pretty long road to get back on track.


So what separates fit people from the people that would like to be fit?  Life style, like any aspect of our lives we must have structure, constancyand persevere though the journey of our affairs and end up with something more then we started with. Health and fitness must play an interracial part of our daily life. Some of us know this but continue to put our health on the back burner.  “I will get around to it just as soon as ““this that or the other”” changes in my schedule”. I hear it far too often, people convince them self that they don’t have time. The reality is that if you want to be successful with your health and fitness we have to be ready to put fitness high on your prioritiesPutting your health off wont cut it if you truly want to take care of your self. You can’t treat health and fitness as something to get done with your laundry listYou most take action, educate yourself and get on track to see and feel results.


It doesn’t have to happen all at once. In fact I don’t recommend it. You have to crawl befor you walk. Small changes each week add up to big changes in a year. And to stay on track you have to really enjoy what you are doing. Far too many people think of fitness as something you do in the gym (cardio and weight machines). Fitness is movement, playing with your grad kids, swimming; bike riding, martial arts, walking, horseback riding, rockcalming, ice skating, hiking, tire flipping and everything in-between. If you really enjoy what you are doing you are much more likely to stick with it. There is a whole lot out there so keep trying new things till you truly have a great time.


Getting stated can be as simple as finding something or someone that motivate you, the spark that starts the fire.  Down here at Powerfit we call this moment of momentum “Empowerment. What empowerment means to me is to step up to the plat and swing the bat even if you’ve never played baseball. To step out side of your comfort zone to enrich your life by over coming the obstacles you think are holding you back. (“I’m too busyno time) It’s time to stop putting your fitness anywhere, but striate to the top of your priorities and swing for the fences. Learn how to put your self first and let the things that will always be there take the second spot on your to-do list. And start trying new things, frequently, I recently started Olympic Wight lifting and I am enjoying it immensely.


Getting started is not always easy, but it is essential. It can all start with an audited which holds a belief and cultivate afeeling that will make you un-stoppable. Wow then in my mind you are empowered to take control and persevere. This momentum can apply to fitness and health and every aspect of life. Once you are empowered you are ready to make some serious progress. If you need a place to get started find a professional fitness trainer in your area to help you set some goals and create accountability. Create relationships with other health conscious individuals that you can share your progress with and who will help you stay on track.      


John-Logan Coots

Powerfit Personal Training

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