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In The Zone

Being "in the zone" is referred to a lot in sports like baseball, football, and basketball, although it is maybe not as common a reference when it comes to photography.  Nevertheless, this is often how I feel about photography.  Below you will see some photos I took one night when I wanted to clear my head and just think about nothing but photography.  It was a very nice night, so I decided to head to Petaluma, California in search of a barn I had been told about by another photographer.  As the "Golden Hour" (the term photographers use for the light 30 minutes after a sunset) was approaching I found myself in a rush to find this barn but wasn't as successful as I wanted.  I finally arrived at the barn, but as I looked at it I had this feeling in my gut that it just wasn't going to turn out how I had planned.  I turned around and saw this old broken down boat and thought maybe that would make for an interesting photograph, especially with the industrial building in the back.  Rushing to set up and start taking some photos, my mind immediately went into photography mode, thinking about nothing but the subject. I was "in the zone".  Photographing from every angle I thought interesting, my mind cleared of every worry I might have had that day.  I think everyone has something that does this for them, whether it is painting a piece of art, knitting a hat, or just going for a hike.  For me photography has always been that thing. No matter what else is on my mind, when I am photographing nothing else matters.  So what is it that puts you "in the zone"?  Leave me a comment below and let me know.  
Petaluma Industrial
Petaluma Industrial

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