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Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Compact Camera

Compact camera's today can be very complicated and I see a lot of people that are just overwhelmed with what they can do so they stick to just using the auto settings.  So I thought for this post I'd give you five tips that can help you get the most out of your camera.  Check them out and leave a comment below if these tips help you!

1)  Always use the highest resolution. Yes, if you use the lower ones you'll get more photos but the quality isn't as good. You know what they say "quality over quantity".

2)  Try to learn the manual modes. Automatic is good but sometimes doesn't always get the shot right. If the photo looks over exposed in auto try to learn how to take it off auto and into manual. Sometimes you can fix that over exposed image by messing with the + and - of the exposer setting.

3)  Try turning off the automatic flash. Sometimes using a flash isn't always needed. For example, in my previous blog about night photography (see it here), I talk about not using a flash at night.  This is actually better when taking photos of landscapes.

4)  If you are going to be editing the images to black and white sometimes doing it on the camera isn't the best option. Let's say that image doesn't look good in black and white you can convert to color. But if you edited your image after you took the photo on your computer you can always revert back to color.

5)  Last but least the most important tip I can give is to experiment with your camera. Compact cameras have some amazing features to make taking photos fun. Be sure to go out there and have a good time and use all these cool features.

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